You need to think about estate planning to prepare for the financial implications of your death, or that of your spouse if your bond is in his or her name. The greatest investment you can make is property ownership.

With wealth as your goal, your future and your children’s future must be protected. Let our expertise build and protect your wealth.

We will help you to prepare your will, investigate the benefits of trusts as well as set up Ante-Nuptial Contracts between yourself and your partner.

Property is the only investment you can have complete use while it grows in value, and the big benefit residential property has over other types of investments that you don’t need much money to get into the game if you compare it to the size of the asset you are buying. Your returns, meanwhile, aren’t based on the size of the deposit but on the total value of the asset. If you hold the property for long enough, it can produce a huge return for only a small initial outlay..

Every payment you make on your mortgage is paying off your own asset, think of your payments as forced savings, building up your equity with each payment you make.
  • You can renovate your home to increase its value
  • Property values tend to increase
  • You can sell your when you are ready to move
  • You can choose to rent out your property if you want to live somewhere else, so your tenant is paying off your mortgage
  • You can leverage your equity, that is, your property
  • You can borrow against it to build wealth, by using your property as collateral
    • For example to pay for your children’s education or to start a business
  • Take out a second bond to improve your existing structure by erecting another building that you can let out
  • Acquire a second bond to buy an investment property
  • The greatest investment you can make is property ownership
  • You will be choosing wealth
  • as your goal
  • your future
  • your children’s inheritance

Invest collectively

Co-ownership is when one or more people jointly own the same property. In essence, it is when two or more people legally share ownership without dividing the property into physical portions for their exclusive use. Thus also commonly referred to as co-ownership in undivided shares. However, it is possible to agree that owners acquire the property in different shares; for instance, one person owns 70% and the other 30% of the single property. The different shares can be recorded and registered in the title deeds by the Deeds Office.  This form of property ownership is governed by fairness, reasonableness, practicality and equity and the courts will apply these principles should there be any disputes. Parties involved would also need to enlist the assistance of an attorney to insure that all the parties involved are protected.
Through the AWCI Stokvel, individuals looking to invest collectively will be able to:
  • Own one or multiple properties
  • Obtain industry insights and advice from experienced real estate professionals
  • Build a property portfolio
  • Create wealth from property ownership
  • Be part of a premium Property Investment Stokvel Group
  • Leave a legacy for your family

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