African Women Co-ordinated Investments (Pty) Ltd (AWCI) is a new-generation BEE women empowerment company with a proven track record in not only deal making, but also in growing shareholder value for its wide shareholder base. AWCI was established in the latter part of 2003 as a broad representative business and investment organisation.
Dedicated to the economic empowerment of South African women from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, AWCI is represented across all nine provinces.

The company’s unique structure consists of a registered holding company AWCI (Pty) Ltd. This represents nine registered provincial companies who collectively make up the majority
shareholders. The result is meaningful empowerment and national representation. AWCI was established on the principle that South Africa needs to grow its economy organically, to afford
its majority citizens fair economic opportunities and prospects. It is 100-percent owned, controlled and managed by previously disadvantaged women representing various professions,
businesses and industries.

AWCI’s founding objectives include the following:

  • To promote a culture of constant advancement and
    improvement for all black women, from both rural and
    urban backgrounds.
  • To encourage investing businesses and industries to recognise
    that business can no longer be a male-dominated domain.
  • To ensure fair competition between men and women in business.
  • To facilitate the development of women through
    skills transfer, job creation, financial assistance and
  • To develop strategic business leaders in all areas of the
    South African economy.
  • To ensure that black women are properly and strategically
    positioned and utilised for.
  • The purposes of securing BEE opportunities and projects.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become the foremost broad empowerment vehicle for total economic emancipation of women from previously
disadvantaged communities.

Our Mission:

  • To encourage a culture of constant progress and economic
    empowerment of women.
  • To help develop women through skills transfer, job creation
    and financial assistance and empowerment.
  • To create strategic women business leaders across every
    sector of our economy.


The emergence of AWCI in the BEE landscape was a direct response to a call by Government to the South African business community to commit to the empowerment of previously
disadvantaged individuals, especially women.

As part of the company’s growth strategies and plans going forward, the company will leverage its deal- making experience,internal skills base and asset base to pursue opportunities for women in the various sectors of our economy.

The company’s internal skills capacity helped set the foundation for what later proved to be a solid base in the growth plans of the business. AWCI has received admirable recognition as a
serious player in the country’s economic landscape. It is part of our strategy to continue doing so.

AWCI is committed to building and developing local talent through our involvement in communities across South Africa. This determination remains one of our core goals and the most
essential ingredient of our economic empowerment success.

We also intend to invest actively in sectors and seek opportunities that will contribute to the economic empowerment of women. AWCI will do this through building meaningful and empowering long term partnerships with key players in the South African economy.

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