AWCI Property is a black-woman-owned property group aimed at redressing the balance of wealth through property ownership. We aim to increase the volume of black homeowners by offering services that make property ownership accessible to all who aspire to it.

AWCI Property is the brainchild of African Women Co-ordinated Investments (AWCI) a BEE Investment Company, that was established in 2003 to empower women through entrepreneurship. The company has a wealth of entrepreneurial development experience and knowledge in the residential property space, which has delivered great returns for its women beneficiaries.

AWCI Property is dedicated to the economic empowerment of South African women from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our holistic value-based approach to impacting property ownership and wealth through property investment centers on:

  • Awareness, information sharing, education
  • Increase in black residential property ownership
  • Continuous wealth creation through property investment

Our key foundational elements become the multiplier for effective and lasting change

  • Capital investment
  • Woman empowerment
  • Collaborative partnerships

The Impact -> improved sustainable livelihoods!


Achieving holistic and sustainable impact requires a holistic approach to residential home ownership beyond rural occupancy.

At AWCI Property we see home ownership as a basic human need and support our aspirant property owners through a full suite of property related services including:

  • Home loans: We provide our clients with a full spectrum of Home Ownership and Financing including; buying your first property, switching bonds or purchasing property as an investment.
  • Homes: We assist our clients in finding their dream home with ease.
  • Rental Management: We assist our clients with turnkey rental management services – We take the hassle our of property management.
  • Wealth Management:  Property is long term asset-based investment with many advantages. We assist our clients to build and protect their wealth.


We believe that no single Organisation and no number of isolated projects

can address the systematic causes of poverty, inequality and redistribution of land and property ownership for black South Africans.

Achieving holistic and sustainable impact requires a holistic approach to residential home ownership. At AWCI Property we see this sustainable impact as an integration of the following key aspects which should contribute to socio-economic growth:

  • Transformation
  • Collaboration
  • Women Empowerment
  • Commitment
  • Impact


Our Approach involves enhancing the capacity of the emerging black residential property owner to understand all facets of property ownership: equipping them with skills, information and support to access the residential property market and to grow their wealth by, understand the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in the property market and to grow their wealth by, understanding the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in the property value chain as well as their own responsibility in maintaining and increasing the value of their assets: coupled with delivering superior quality services to our partners.

Our value to our aspirant homeowner goes beyond ownership as we focus on a 360-degree service offering which encompasses:

  • Pre-homeownership educational workshops we educate our clients about the value of their asset – “My Home my Wealth”
  • Prequalification of homeowner – “Know Your Property Status”
  • Matching pre-qualified buyers to available inventory
  • Process home loan funding application
  • Facilitate rent-to-buy options
  • Providing aftersales service – “Protecting Your Wealth”


We seek out a variety of partnerships within the public and private sector, financial services sector and more, who are united around common goals. Together with our partners we bring holistic solutions to the increasing housing crisis faced by millions of South Africans. With our collecting impact, we are reaching more people who have been excluded from basic housing addressing the major housing backlog as well as effectively managing relocations to Mega City Developments

Our value to our partners lies in our ability to streamline the process of property ownership which makes it conducive to both buyer and seller or lessee and lessor. To ensure that our reach and impact is effective and measurable we support our property partners by:

  • Identifying target market needs around each property plan
  • Raising awareness and building capacity
  • Matching pre-qualified buyers to available inventory
  • Processing home loan funding applications
  • Facilitating rent-to-buy options
  • Providing after sales services


Our collaborative approach to addressing the imbalance in residential property ownership has given rise to the expansion of our Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme – this is a key transformational focus for AWCI Property.

In growing our reach and maximizing our programme effectiveness we directly impact the establishment and growth of Small and Medium enterprises. These women owned enterprises will in turn focus on delivering an array of support services to existing and potential property owners.

At AWCI Property we believe that in order to grow the South African economy and tackle rising unemployment, we need a healthy economy supported by a thriving small business sector. With an increased focus on enterprise and supplier development, the key objectives of the National Development Plan and other related legislation makes transformation a national imperative and a key objective for AWCI Property. To establish, support and grow the SME sector as a vehicle for job creation and socioeconomic transformation.


Our operational model and systematic programme approach is geared towards achieving sustainable impact. Our programmes enable ordinary South Africans to access basic residential property whilst crafting individual road maps of wealth creation through property investment.

Our commitment to our partners, investors and beneficiaries are that of lasting and sustainable impact.


Accredited by the Service Seta and Bank Seta the AWCI Property Institute is on a mission to:

  • Enhance the quality of Education, Training and Development
  • Prepare a multi-skilled workforce with relevant skills
  • Promote a transformational agenda that accelerate empowerment
  • Building the leaders of tomorrow by providing quality education today
  • Develop partnerships to cultivate the power of shared value


AWCI Property strives to be a world leader in providing an all-inclusive property ownership solution to aspirant homeowners. Our impact is measured through a process of continuous improvement, monitoring and evaluation, research and learning to ensure that we deliver our work effectively and improve equality.


Success at AWCI Property means significant growth and sustainability in our key areas of:

  • The number of black homeowners
  • Sustainable women owned enterprises
  • Strengthen private public partnerships
  • Increased wealth creation through property investment
  • Sustainable job creation
  • Return on investment

AWCI Property has spent the past years exploring how we can be a responsible conduit for transformation in the residential property sector and support more aspirant black residential homeowners not only acquiring their first primary resident, but help them to use property as an investment to create wealth as a lasting legacy for their families.  We have considered best methods and a roadmap which we have incorporated into every aspect of our service offering

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